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Information for our CSA Members


Getting Acquainted
Guiding Principles
Pick Up
Bags and Boxes
Getting Acquainted

Welcome to Trumpeter Swan Farm. We look forward to being "Your Farm", supplying you with a share of what we harvest every week during the summer season (May thru Oct) and every other week during the winter season (Nov thru April).

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make "your farm" better, let us know. You can call Phil's cell phone, 612-308-2664, or email Phil at

Contact Info

Trumpeter Swan Farm
3612 40th St NE
Buffalo, MN 55313

Phil -
Kathy -

Main Phone (Phil Cell): 612-308-2664
Kathy Cell: 763-221-1141
Home Phone: 763-682-6290
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Our Guiding Principles

  • We commit to a delivery every week during the growing season, rain or shine.
  • We will grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Members get first priority when new items come into season.
  • Everyone gets to try each item we grow at least one time out of the season.
  • We maintain a diversity of plant and animal life, recognizing all as a part of a healthy sustainable rural farm.
  • We are zero land fill, finding uses for all our returned packaging.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any concerns, just talk to us. We will make it right!

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CSA Pick Up Locations

  • Buffalo Farmers Market - every Saturday morning from 8am-noon. In parking lot, across from Movie Theater.
  • At Our Farm - every Tuesday afternoon/evening from 2pm thru 8pm. Boxes will be on a table in the lower level of the Process Building (the first building you come to as you drive in). Pick up your new box, leave the old box.
  • Your Home - home delivery members will get their boxes every week during the summer season (May thru Oct). Delivery is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon from 1pm-8pm. Typically we will leave the box at your front door in a shady spot. Let us know if there is an alternate location you want to use. Leave your old box out that morning for us to pick up.
  • Maple Grove Farmers Market - every Thursday afternoon from 3pm-7pm. Prior to the start of the market, we will be in the parking lot where the market will be held.

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Bags and Boxes

For members picking up at the Farmers Markets, we will assemble your share into bags . This will be done as you arrive. This allows us to give you some options (picks) for some items. Feel free to bring your own reusable bags. We will give you plastic bags if you need them. Remember, we can re-use or recycle those bags, so bring them back.

For home delivery members, we will pack your share into insulated, re-usable boxes with an ice pack to keep items cool. We will place the boxes in a shady location and the contents should stay in good shape until you pick it up.

We will give you a new ice pack each time, so just leave the old ice pack in the old box. No need to keep the old ice pack frozen. If you have any issues with freshness, let us know. We had good luck last year with the insulated boxes and ice packs.

Opening the boxes the first time can be a bit confusing. Look for the flap with a crease through the middle of the flap. Grasp the edge of the flap and compress it toward the edge of the box so that the crease folds upward, releasing the flap from the two tuck-in notches in the side flaps. You can close the box by folding down the solid flap first, then the two side flaps, and lastly, the flap with the crease. Once again, just compress the flap with the crease, and then release letting the edge slide into the two tuck-in notches.

Let Us Know If You Are Not Picking Up

If you cannot pickup your produce, please let us know. You can leave a message on Phil’s cell phone 612-308-2664. Please call by noon. We appreciate your effort as we assume you will be coming unless told otherwise, and will hold your share even after the end of the market.

If you cannot pickup, we will save what we can for the next week's pickup.

Feel free to send someone else in your place to pick up your share. You do not need to let us know, the person picking up can tell us for whom they are picking up.

Alternate Pickup Location

Everyone will have a Primary Pickup Location. If you cannot pickup one week due to a conflict, you can pickup at one of the other locations. Just let us know in advance so we can have your share ready.

Vacations or Seasonal Stops

We now offer credit for vacations or times you cannot pickup or take delivery. If you tell us in advance, we will extend your subscription for every week you miss. Please give us at least 1 day notice. Email to Phil ( is the best way.

Same for seasonal stops (like months in the winter). Just let us know when you are stopping and when to resume. We will adjust your subscription end date accordingly.

Having Someone Else Pickup or You Are Running Late

Remember, you can send someone else in your place. No need to notify us, they can tell us when they come. Also, it takes us some time to pack up after the market ends, so if you are running late, you've got a 15 or 30 minute window to catch us. Try calling Phil's cell phone, 612-308-2664, if possible, to let us know you are still coming.

Severe Weather or Other Problems

We are farmers - a little rain or wind does not intimidate us. We will be at the market, rain or shine. However, if there is severe weather, we will leave the market. We will return after the weather has passed.

If a problem arises, we will notify you via email as soon as possible. We have had very few problems over the years, but occasionally something comes up.

ZERO WASTE Packaging - Return all packaging to us, toss nothing

This year, we continue to use packaging is that is re-usable, recyclable, or compostable. There is nothing that needs to go to a landfill. Please return all packaging, even if it is dirty. Our produce bags are biodegradable. We will not re-use the bags, but put them right away into our compost pile. They need a high temperature compost heap (150 degrees) to degrade, which we have thanks to our chicken manure..Other packaging, like egg cartons or berry boxes, are re-usable until they get dirty, and then they also go into the compost. Our plastic clamshells are #1 PETE. They are easy to wash in a sanitizing solution for re-use. And when they get worn out, they can be easily recycled. You can bring your own re-usable grocery bags, or we will supply #2 Plastic bags. We can reuse the grocery bags, and then later recycle them.

We also take egg cartons, berry boxes, canning jars and grocery bags from other sources as well.

Farm Visits

You are welcome to visit YOUR FARM. Best time is Monday thru Friday, 9am thru 3pm. There will be someone around. We may be out in the field. Look on the Process Building door (first building you come to on driveway) for information and phone numbers.

Feel free to send us an email or call us to find a good day and time, or to set up a time on the week ends. In addition to individual visits, we'd like to schedule some "open house" days thru the year as well.

Communication - Facebook, Email Newsletter and Website

Our facebook page is used for news of the farm plus photos. Its updated once a week or more. Simply "like" our page and you will receive updates as we post them.

We also do an email newsletter. Sent about once a week, its a simple message covering what's growing on the farm, what you might expect, and practical information you may find useful.

Our website is used for more static information. We like to feature a news story every few weeks to give people a flavor of our farm. Look under the CSA tab for info on CSA program, pricing, Frequently Asked Questions, and CSA Member's Guide. Look under the Contact tab for getting in touch or for finding the farm.

Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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%&$#*@!! -- Everyone Makes Mistakes

Finally, everyone makes mistakes. And we are no exception. If something does not seem right, please let us know. We want to know. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any concerns, just talk to us. We will make it right!

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