Trumpeter Swan Farm
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Trumpeter Swan Farm
Ian and Angie, plus a crew of employees, farm 40 acres. We raise fruits and vegetables including asparagus, strawberries, summer squash, cucumbers, peas and beans, tomates and peppers, sweet corn, and winter squash. We also have brown eggs produced by our never caged, free range chickens. Free-range bees (are there any other kind?) also pollinate our crops and occasionally provide us honey.

We are now a Second Generation Farm! Kathy and Phil started farming in 2003, selling first at Farmers Markets, and then CSA shares. Our son, Ian, has now taken over the farm. He and Angie got married in February, and now Angie is working on the farm as well. Phil and Kathy still do marketing, bookeeping and grow herbs. And they give Ian and Angie unsolicted advice!

Location In 1989, our farm was 4 miles NE of the town of Buffalo - now its only 1 mile NE of the town. Buffalo is 30 miles NW of the Twin Cities.


Ian Cell: 763-732-3052
Phil Cell: 612-308-2664

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Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants