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You may pick items for your box from a list of available "Optional" choices. You may also add "Extras" from a list of available extras.
Hello, Jack Always

   +1 Dozen ($5 charge to account)

   -1 Dozen ($5 credit to account)

   Skip Eggs This Week ($5/doz credit to account)

Standard - (Everyone gets these)

Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

Medium heads

   Green Bean
Fall green beans, tender and sweeter

Optional - (Pick up to 5)

    Winter (max 3)

         Acorn Squash [20 left]

Moist with more texture

         Butternut Squash [20 left]

Smooth and Moist, nice for squash soup as well

         Festival Squash [34 left]

Smooth and moist, sweetest winter squash, can often eat straight without added sugar

         Spaghetti Squash [39 left]

Cook like squash, let cool a bit and tease out noodles with fork, You may get Yellow tradional variety and Striped sweeter variety.

    Tomato (max 1)

         Cherry Tomato [43 left]

Sweet enough to eat by themselves

         Slicer Tomato [40 left]

Regular size tomatoes for slicing and cooking

    Summer Squash (max 2)

         Small Summer Squash [78 left]

Miscellaneous Summer Squash - zucchini, lebanese, yellow, or patty pan

         Small Yellow Straight Neck [18 left]

Soft cooking like Zucchini, also nice sliced into a salad or on a pizza

         Small Zucchini [56 left]

Cooks soft, also nice halved and grilled

    Potato (max 1)

         Large Russet Potato [20 left]

Larger potatoes, nice bakers

         Small Yukon Gold Potato [20 left]

Smaller potatoes, nice for roasting or boiling

    Other (max 2)

         Slicer Cucumber [20 left]

Longer slender slicer types

    Leaf (max 2)

         Spinach [20 left]

Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

Extra - (Pick up to 2)

    Herb (max 2)

         Rosemary [20 left]

Italian cooking

         Sage [15 left]

soups and stew

         Thyme [20 left]

Small leaves and stems

Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants