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You may pick items for your box from a list of available "Optional" choices. You may also add "Extras" from a list of available extras.
Hello, Jack Always

   +1 Dozen ($5 charge to account)

   -1 Dozen ($5 credit to account)

   Skip Eggs This Week ($5/doz credit to account)

Standard - (Everyone gets these)

We snap (hand pick) the asparagus, so its tender to the bottom. No need to trim off ends.

Optional - (Pick up to 1)

    Root (max 6)

         Red Radish [1 left]

Bunched with greens. Greens are tender when grown in high tunnel. Good in salads or cooked. Like small mustard or turnip greens.

    Leaf (max 3)

         Mustard [2 left]

Spicy Mustards Green

    Cabbage (max 6)

         Bok Choi [2 left]

Use stems and leaves in stir fry, leaves can be used for small cabbage rolls

Extra - (Pick up to 1)

None Available

Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants