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You may pick items for your box from a list of available "Optional" choices. You may also add "Extras" from a list of available extras.
Hello, Jack Always

   +1 Dozen ($5 charge to account)

   -1 Dozen ($5 credit to account)

   Skip Eggs This Week ($5/doz credit to account)

Standard - (Everyone gets these)

None Available
Optional - (Pick up to 6)

    Tomato (max 6)

         Cherry Tomato [12 left]

A mix of Sun Peach and Sun Sugar, both quite sweet

    Root (max 6)

         White Turnip [9 left]

More tender than traditional Purple Top, with a touch of sweetness. Peel, then eat raw like carrot sticks, or cube and cook like a potato. Fried half and half with potatoes is a nice way to eat.

    Potato (max 6)

         Large Red Potato [9 left]

Large size. Good for fried or boiled potatoes

         Large Yukon Gold Potato [1 left]

Large size. Good for fried potatoes and mashed potatoes

         Small Yukon Gold Potato [30 left]

Smaller, new potato size. Good for frying, roasting, and grilling

    Onion (max 6)

         Green Onion [17 left]

Japanese Bunching Green Onions

    Leaf (max 3)

         Kale [15 left]

Chop into pieces adding to salads or cooking in stir fry, soup or scambled eggs. Some people like to coat with olive oil and salt, then bake/roast in oven for kale chips. Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

    Cabbage (max 6)

         Green Cabbage [7 left]

         Red Cabbage [7 left]

         Red Kohlrabi [6 left]

Like a Green Kohlarbi but a tad bit sweeter

    Bean (max 6)

         Green Bean [7 left]

Thinner filet types

Extra - (Pick up to 0)

None Available

Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants