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You may pick items for your box from a list of available "Optional" choices. You may also add "Extras" from a list of available extras.
Hello, Jack Always

   +1 Dozen ($5 charge to account)

   -1 Dozen ($5 credit to account)

   Skip Eggs This Week ($5/doz credit to account)

Standard - (Everyone gets these)

   Sugar Snap Pea
Edible Pod eat peas and shell

Romaine Lettuce. Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

   Bok Choi
Use stems and leaves in stir fry, leaves can be used for small cabbage rolls

Optional - (Pick up to 2)

    Onion (max 6)

         Green Onion [25 left]

Japanese Bunching Green Onions

    Leaf (max 3)

         Kale [14 left]

Chop into pieces adding to salads or cooking in stir fry, soup or scambled eggs. Some people like to coat with olive oil and salt, then bake/roast in oven for kale chips. Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

Extra - (Pick up to 1)

None Available

Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants