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You may pick items for your box from a list of available "Optional" choices. You may also add "Extras" from a list of available extras.
Hello, Jack Always

   +1 Dozen ($5 charge to account)

   -1 Dozen ($5 credit to account)

   Skip Eggs This Week ($5/doz credit to account)

Standard - (Everyone gets these)

   Purple Top Turnip
Traditional Purple Top. Peel, then eat raw like carrot sticks, or cube and cook like a potato. Fried half and half with potatoes is a nice way to eat.

Small and medium heads.

   Brussel Sprout
Nice and tender. Coat in olive oil and salt, and roast in oven.

Optional - (Pick up to 3)

    Root (max 6)

         White Radish [3 left]

Big fall radishes, taste is less sharp than red radishes

    Onion (max 6)

         Green Onion [7 left]

Fall planted small bulb spanish onions

         Leek [1 left]

Small and Medium size Leeks

    Leaf (max 3)

         Mizuna [4 left]

Mild cabbage taste, mix with other salad greens or use in stir fry. Triple washed and bagged. Ready to eat.

    Fruit (max 1)

         Spaghetti Squash [6 left]

Halve, scoop out seeds and bake normally. Then scrape out noodles with a fork

    Cabbage (max 6)

         Red Kohlrabi [6 left]

Like a Green Kohlarbi but a tad bit sweeter

         Veronica Cauliflower [9 left]

Cool conical shapes that look like little Christmas trees when cut up.

Extra - (Pick up to 0)

None Available

Eat food -- Not too much -- Mostly plants